How to make payment with Bitcoins using BitPay?

Here we'll show you how you can make payments for A1DedicatedServers services via Bitcoins in 3 simple steps.

Step 1:
To make a payment, please just log into clientarea at -> My Invoices -> Click to view your unpaid/due invoice.

Step 2:
On Invoice page, please use drop & down menus on your right top to select your choice of payment method. Select "Bitcoin (BitPay)" and Click on "Pay Now" button. This will take you to the following page.


All EUR and USD currency payments are converted to Bitcoins automatically on current market rates.

Step 3:
On above page you are given options to pay via Bitcoin. (use one of these)
1. You can send bitcoins to given bitcoin address. (Do not send multiple payments to one bitcoin address)
2. You can click directly on a payment link "Pay with Bitcoin".
3. You can also scan a QR code to make a purchase.

Normally 15 minutes are given to make payment. However, you can always make delayed payment and our billing system will be notified about the payment automatically. It normally takes 1 hour to mark your invoice as PAID once you have sent payment to given bitcoin address.

Please note that every time you make a new payment a new Bitcoin address is given, do not send multiple payments to the same bitcoin address.
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